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“ Silent Valley National Park is a beautiful representation of the last remaining rain forest of Kerala. Historically it’s a paradigm of people’s movement to protect the forest. ”
Silent Valley was declared as National Park in 1984 and formally inaugurated in the year 1985. Initially there was only 89.52 sq.km. area under the Division which forms the core zone of the National Park. In 2007, an area of 148 sq.km. was added to this Division as buffer zone.

Silent valley Ecotourism

  • Bommiyampadi
  • Keerippara
  • Sairandhri Safari
  • River Hut
  • Walk with Master


Wondering what’s beyond Silent Valley? Grab this chance and get your backpacks ready for Bommiyampadi, a place at the heart of a lost jungle. Attappady, as it is known, is more of a natural monument than a natural wonder. ‘Tourists’ see Silent Valley; take a step further to see what’s beyond. See how years of destruction and revival shaped a landscape where life still hangs in a balance.


Trekking and camping in the wilderness are in great demand from nature study groups who visit Silent Valley National Park. With this in view, SVNP management intends to involve genuine nature study groups in protection-oriented trekking and camping in some fringe areas of the Park. The programme includes a 5 km trek to Keerippara Camp shed, which is located in the scenic spot above Attappady ghat and overnight stay there.

Sairandhri Safari

Silent Valley, the world renowned national park in India is a jewel of Western Ghats. If ‘heart of the jungle’ is somewhere deep inside the forest, here you feel the gentle heartbeats of a forest saved from ruthless persecution. This 50 million-year-old ‘grand-forest’ wasn’t treated appropriately by man in the late stages. Yet, against all odds, Silent Valley rainforest has aged gracefully and it’s still thriving. A moment with this pristine jungle is a dream of any nature lover.

River Hut

Tired of 'googling' offbeat travel destinations? Well, you no longer have to. Silent Valley National Park invites you to experience a special night on the banks of River Bhavani. The 'River Hut Package at Mukkali' gives you the opportunity to spend a night in the scenic location along River Bhavani. Take a stroll along the River and feel the ancient waters for yourself. Celebrate your least carbon footprint day!

Walk with Master

Silent Valley National Park has been championing the cause of conservation and a leading flag bearer in the field of nature education since its inception. Walk with the master is a ‘paid nature camp’ that gives an opportunity for nature lovers to meet and interact with experts/ masters from diverse walks of life.


Research and Monitoring

Silent Valley is one of the extensively researched National Parks in India. There is a vast amount of information available on the Parks biodiversity and ecology. Research activities are conducted within the National Park in order to fill the gaps in the knowledge and also to help management.
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Ecotourism programs have restarted in silent valley
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